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14 Kilometres by Gerardo Olivares wins 52 Edition of the Internacional Film Festival in Valladolid (Spain)

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14 Kilometres, coproduced by Explora Films and Wanda Vision and directed by Gerardo Olivares achieved the Best Film Award during the 52 Edition of the International Film Festival of Valladolid Seminici.

The film tells the story of three Africans and their dream to reach Europe. But in order to achieve it, they will have to face serious difficulties on the road and will put their lives in danger in the desperate trial to escape from hunger and misery. At the end of the journey, they will have to cross the 14 kilometres that separates the African coast from Spain

The International Jury also awarded 14 Kilometres with the Best Music Award, composed by Santi Vega and The Best Direction of Photography; by Alberto Moro. Both, Vega and Moro are usual contributors to Explora productions.

The film will be theatrically released in Spain at the beginning of 2008.

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