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The documentary will tell the story of the Lady of Cao, the first female ruler in the pre-columbian Peru, who lived one thousand seven hundred years ago and whose tomb was discovered inside the Cao Viejo pyramid two years ago. The Lady of Cao was also the most important priestess of her time y presided the human sacrifices that the moches celebrated to calm the tempests caused by El Nio phenomenon or in rituals related to the fertility of the ground. This ambitious project combines the investigation on the modern excavation at the El Brujo complex, an archaeological site with rests more than five thousand year old, with the shoot of the moche culture, which lived in Peru between the second and the eighth century of our age. The 3D generated images will let us attend the construction of the fascinating moche pyramids, of their cities or the celebration of their funerary rituals, while an spectacular historical recreation will let us shoot the personality, the life and death of th...

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