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Posted by: In: News 02 Jun 2010 0 comments

  Explora Films, a point of reference throughout the world for documentaries produced in Spain, will present its latest nature and travel productions at La Rochelle, June 21-25.. Elephants are the leading players this year, as they take the stage in a new special produced by the Natural History team—“Elephants—the Twilight of the Giants” (1 x 52’). This HD documentary, which was filmed over a two-year period of time in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic, provides a window into the life of these colossal creatures. We are guided by a young mother, a weathered matriarch and an expert mother who leads her son to a bai for the first time ever—a clearing in the jungle where elephants gather. For 52 minutes we are able to observe the social relationships, intelligence, sensitivity and needs of these giants, who are literally being stripped of their living space by our species. “The Kingdom...

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