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Produced by Explora Films, this series tells the story about the different species that inhabit these islands the geographical islands and the continental islands and how they have to confront the local rules of survival, which, surprisingly, have a lot in common. In its 6 episodes we will know the particular stories of a marine iguana on the Galapagos Islands, a group of lemurs in Madagascar, a tiger in Sariska National Park in India, a deer in the south of Jersey Island (U.K), two grizzly bears on Kodiak Island (Alaska), an orang-utan in Borneo, and a crocodile in Papua New Guinea are some of the protagonists of this story about adapting to local paradises. Through them, we will learn about the problem of living in isolation, the challenges of surviving in the limited space of an island, the competition to find a niche to exploit, and the alliances established among the different animals so that they can reach their most important goal: the survival of the species. MEDIACOR...

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