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Posted by: In: News 15 Jul 2011 0 comments

Explora Films team has finished the postproduction of the documentary “The Celtic Legacy” directed by Jose Manuel Novoa. It is an ambitious project in coproduction with RTVE and Canal Historia and with the support of “Fundación Ciudad da cultura de Galicia” and “Xunta de Galicia”. The project has run for a whole year among preproduction, shooting and postproduction. The filming took place during a month in several natural locations in Galicia, besides historical settlement in France, Scotland and Ireland. It brings the audience to the times of one of the oldest and enigmatic civilizations of Europe.: the Celtics. For the historical recreations different sets were built, as a village in the beginning of the Bronze Age, and more that 200 extras perform daily activities in the old settlements in the northeast of Spain. The usage of aerial shots and computer generated images in 3D in the documentary gives an spectacular view that brings ...

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