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Posted by: In: News 23 Jan 2013 0 comments

During NAPTE Explora Films will primiere worldwide its last production, “Tuaregs, The Warriors of the Dunes” (1 x 52’). This documentary will take us to one of the most hostile habitats of the planet: the grand Sahara desert, to meet the Touaregs, the feudal lords who dominate this immense territory. They are an untamed people, impossible to subjugate. Their strict rules, where honour and hospitality are among the main ones, determine the life of their different tribes. We will travel next to the Madugu, who lead their salt caravans through the Tenere, a desert within a desert. We will know their customs, their beliefs and their way of life and we will discovery the challenges they face today to continue living as they have always done: with no borders or governments. “Wild Team” (1 x 52’) is also new to this market. It is the latest production of the Natural History Unit. Three armies are to fight the challenge of colonization of three different ...

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