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Posted by: In: News 02 Dec 2013 0 comments

Explora Films is once again faithfully attending the main TV content market from the Asia-Pacific area: Asia TV Forum (ATF), which is held from 3 to 6 December in Singapore. Explora Films presents its latest wildlife and anthropological productions, as well as the company’s new projects. “Cuba: Life Shelter” (1 x 52’) and “Cuba: The Pearl of the Caribbean” (1 x 52’) are two one-off which outline two different profiles about the island. Both documentaries will be showcased for a very first time to the Asiatic audiences. The first one is a wildlife and nature approach to the astonishing geography and geology of the island. Their less-known natural protected spaces (The Zapata Swamp or Los Jardines de la Reina – The Gardens of the Queen) or their tropical wet forests and coastal mangroves are clear examples of the well-preserved Cuba’s nature and wildlife. The second one, anthropological-genre, proposes a tour along the thr...

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