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Posted by: In: News 15 Oct 2014 0 comments

As every year does, Explora Films presents its new documentary films at MIPCOM, the main TV content market around the world, in Cannes, from October 13th to 16th . Explora takes this opportunity to premiere its new wildlife production: “The Lemur’s Island” (1 x 52’), which takes us to the astonishing island of Madagascar, in the heart of the Indian Ocean and let us discover its wonderful fauna, unique in the world. A ring-tailed lemur, a group of sifakas, giant chameleons and prehistoric birds of the size of an ox will be some of the protagonists of this story. Another proposal for this market is the docu-drama “Between two Worlds: The Story of Gonzalo Guerrero” produced by Minotauro and Teveunam and directed by Fernando González Sitges. This film tells us the amazing story of Gonzalo Guerrero, a Spanish soldier who transformed from being a maya’s slave into one of the mayan warrior chiefs who fought against the Spaniards ...

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