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Posted by: In: News 10 Apr 2015 0 comments

As every year, Explora Films will be introducing its new titles at this TV content market: MIPTV 2015, which will be held from April the 13th to the 16th. MIPTV is one of the most important meetings for TV content sales in a global scale. Specific content in genres like anthropology, history or wildlife aimed at these audiences will be showcased during this fair. “The lemurs island” (1 x 52’) take us to discover two families of lemurs living in the island of Madagascar The ringtailed in Berenty and the sifakas in Nosy Mangabe National Park, are going to guide us through their wonderful world of these funny species. Their territory is threatened by deforestation and poaching, and so they have to look for a new home. This tough route will turn them into the leading characters of their own survival story. These two families of lemurs will show us the most exclusive, extraordinary and endangered flora and fauna in the world. Giant chameleons, tiny reptiles wit...

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