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Explora Films announces new DVD releases in Spain

Posted by: In: News 14 Apr 2011 Comentarios: 0


Explora Films has just released in DVD three new titles from its catalogue of documentaries for the home market in Spain. They are 3 anthropology specials where we will travel to remote countries located in the Himalayas, to the plains of the Sub-Saharan Africa or where we will go in search of the last shamans that still live in the planet.

In “Himalayan Dwellers” we will meet peoples who live in one of the mot inhospitable regions of the planet, in the highest mountain range of the planet, where life seems impossible and where man have managed to adapt despite the inclemency of the land.

“Kings from an Enchanted Africa” will take us to a magical world, where we will meet curious courts and kings that seems to belong to fairy tales. A journey to a wonderful world , as far in distance as in time.

Finally, “Shaman, the medicine of soul”, awarded as “Best Humanistic and Social Film” by the Biannual Science Film Festival in Ronda, Spain, in 2006, will take us to the five continents in search of the last shamans, people who has the power to heal others by ancestral practises.

These three new titles will join other already available in DVD as “Eastern Bazaars”, “Hunters”, “Crocodiles, the last dragon”, “Elephants, the twilight of the giants”, “The kingdoms of the Himalayas” or “Vietnam and Cambodia: The jewel of the Mekong”. Those titles were released back in November 2010 after the agreement signed between Explora Films and Tema Distribuciones, a company specialised in home video distribution in Spain.

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