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Posted by: In: News 25 Nov 2013 Comentarios: 0

Foto IDFA 2013webExplora Films attends IDFA 2013 (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam), to close International financing of the documentary project “Chillida, the Depth of Air”.

IDFA is one of the major documentary Festivals in the International panorama and takes place from November 20th to December 1st. It is hold in Amsterdam every year and brings together the most important producers, filmmakers and TV executives in the worldwide documentary sector.

Explora attends IDFA for the very first time to showcase its new documentary project: “Chillida, the Depth of Air”, a story focused on the artwork by this International sculptor. This project is a co-production by Explora Films, Marmoka Films and TVE with the collaboration of the Eduardo Chillida-Pilar Belzunce Foundation and the Zabalaga-Leku which is arousing great interest all over Europe and North-America.

Some of the major broadcasters worldwide have shown their interest in taking part in this documentary project written and directed by Juán Barrero. Barrero will bring his personal point of view about the great artist Eduardo Chillida.

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