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Posted by: In: News 14 Oct 2013 Comentarios: 0

ELEFANTES-ganador-FICCADThe members of the jury at Doñana’s Scientific & Environmental Film Festival 2013 has decided to award “Elephants: The Twilight of the Giants”, produced by Explora Films and directed by Fernando González Sitges.

The main event took place during the first week of October and brought together a  good sample of high-quality wildlife documentaries. Explora Films received the main award: The one the BBVA Foundation gives for the best film.

“Elephants, the Twilight of the Giants” (1 x 52’) is a documentary film produced by Explora Films in 2010 which approach us a creatures who appeared on the Earth 50 million years ago, long before humans emerged as a species, and they spread all over the world, to the very edges of the permafrost regions. But, more than anything, their evolutionary success can be traced to their extraordinary family ties. It is a documentary with a still valid conservationist message: The importance of protecting the elephant, one of the most endangered species worldwide.

This production by Explora Films has been previously awarded in several Wildlife Festivals, such as Telenatura Festival 2010 (Best Spanish production), l’Oiseau de la Nature Festival and the renowned International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana, both in 2011, and, more recently at the Stambecco D’Oro Festival in 2012.

This award enhances both the position of Explora Films as the leading documentary company in Spain and the prestige and admiration showed at the main wildlife festivals worldwide to Fernando González Sitges.

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