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Spanish producer Explora Films has just closed a deal with Tema Distribuciones to market their latest films in home video within the Spanish territory. Part of their most recent productions, such as “The Kingdoms of the Himalayas”, “Vietnam & Cambodia: The Jewel of the Mekong”, “Eastern Bazaars” or “Hunters” besides their Natural History specials “Elephants, the twilight of the giants” or “Crocodiles, the last dragon” are included in the agreement.

Those titles are now available in the most important video stores in the country, plus direct-to-consumer websites in Spain. With this agreement, Explora broadens its presence in the domestic market, making more titles available to the loyal followers of the documentary genre.

Explora Films has become one of the main documentary-makers produced in Spain to the world. Their titles are acquired and broadcasted by the most prestigious TV stations across the five continents, while their productions participate in the most consolidated film festivals all around the world.

Tema Distribuciones is a company specialized in the edition, distribution, acquisition and sale of audiovisual rights. They hold a catalogue focused in several niche genres, from cult movies, classic films or documentaries. They have created specific labels such as Asian Trash Cinema, Shocking Asia, Avant Garde Spanish Cinema or the new documentary films label, Explora Films.

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