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Explora Films releases new DVD titles

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Explora Films and Tema Distribuciones have just premiered in the DVD home market the latest productions by the company: “Rhinoceroses, the curse of the magic horn”, “Pygmies, the agony of the green god” and “The Celtic legacy”.

Explora Films is the flagship Spanish documentary producer. It holds an extensive catalogue of wildlife, anthropology, history and travel programmes. During the latest years, Explora has become the leading production company produced in Spain to the world.

Tema Distribuciones is a company run by a team of young professionals and film lovers. It specialises on the editing, distribution, acquisition and sale of rights, mainly in the video home market. It is the usual video distributor of Explora in Spain, with the addition of these three new documentaries; it distributes a total of 16 titles of the company in this market.

“Rhinoceroses, the curse of the Magic Horn” tells three different stories, where the spectator will learn the variety, customs and threats that different species of rhinoceroses face today: a young black rhino, an African rhino and the agony of one of the latest Sumatran rhinos still alive. This documentary was filmed in HD during more than two years in Kenya, Sumatra, Tanzania, South Africa, India, Nepal, Borneo and Java.

“Pygmies, the agony of the green god” draws and interesting picture of one of the eldest people on Earth: the Pygmies. It is a singular look to one of the first dwellers in Africa, a group of people that never learnt about another world outside their jungle. A group that sees their future at risk due to the uncontrolled lodging of their natural resource: the jungle.

“The Celtic legacy” is an ambitions production destined to spread the singular culture of the Castros in Galicia, making a comparative among other European Celtic spots of those times: Bretagne, Ireland, Scotland…

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