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caoycongonewsExplora Films’ productions have been recognized once again at two of the most important nature and archaeology-themed film festivals around Europe. “Spirits of the Congo” by Fernando González Sitges is nominated at the Ménigoute Film Festival (France) and “The Lady of Cao” by José Manuel Novoa is one of the Audience Award’s nominees at “La Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico” in Rovereto (Italy).


The Ménigoute Film Festival, focused on ornithology and conservation, holds its 29th celebration from October 29th to November 3rd in the French city of Ménigoute. The finest wildlife documentaries can be found among the finalists. And among them “Spirits of the Congo”, the latest production by Fernando González Sitges for Explora Films.

“Spirits of the Congo” (1 x 52’) introduces us to a fascinating research. Deep in the jungle, feverish and unbelievable stories of explorers, journalists, scientists, and missionaries gradually take shape. The legends come alive to show us the reality behind the myths. Genocidal kings, living dinosaurs, peaceful giants, demonic killers… the spirits of the jungle are backed by rational explanations with scientific and historical analysis.

Fernando González Sitges and Explora Films will take part in the official competition for the second year running. Last year, “Rhinoceroses” was also selected and screened at this festival.


Furthermore, La Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico (International Festival for Archaeological Film) holds its 24th celebration from October 1st to 5th with a special section named “Archaeology and Society” in which “The Lady of Cao” is one of the constestants.

This documentary film by José Manuel Novoa has been already recognized in other archaeological film festivals like TAC -The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival- in Oregon (EEUU) or The Bidasoa Archaeologic Film Festival, in Irún (Spain).

“The Lady of Cao: The Mistery of the Tattooed Mummy” (1 x 52’) is the portrait of the first female ruler of pre-Columbian Peru. A woman who governed in the Chicama valley, very close to the city of Trujillo, about 1700 years ago. The discovery of her tomb in 2006, the guiding thread of the film, was a major breakthrough in all previous theories about the Moche civilization.

With these latest acknowledgments, Explora Films becomes one of the most frequently selected and awarded Spanish companies by documentary film festivals of this kind. Once again, Explora is a reference point for high quality productions made in Spain.

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