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Explora Films will be on time to its yearly date at “Sunny Side of the Doc” in La Rochelle (France), one of the most important documentary content markets around the world. This event provides a meeting point among documentary makers worldwide, and is an unmissable event for every important member in this sector.
Explora Films presents its new wildlife and anthropology films.

“Cuba, an Utopian Tropic” (2 x 52’), is a documentary mini-series which will take us on a unique trip to the heart of The Antilles. We will find out that Cuba is much more than beautiful beaches close to luxurious resorts or popular diving areas focused on relaxation and sport.
In the first episode we will travel to its villages to enjoy their landscapes and to meet their people to better know the curious story of this land.
In the second episode we will explore the impressive wildlife of the island. We will go through its ecosystems, discover its virgin nature and explore the amazing flora and fauna which live under its surrounding warm seas.

Explora Films will also present “Last Hunters” (5 x 52’), co-produced by Explora Films and the German company “Ma.ja.de” and commissioned by MDR and ARTE which portrays the different traditional hunting methods used by five ethnic groups for their survival. They show an anthropological and magical approach to the relationship between humankind and nature. “Tuaregs, the Warriors of the Dunes” (1 x 52’), is a documentary which will take us to one of the most hostile habitats on the planet: the grand Sahara desert, to meet the Tuaregs, the feudal lords who dominate this immense territory. We will get to know their customs, their beliefs and their way of life and we will discover the challenges they face today to continue living as they always have: with no borders or governments.

Furthermore, new projects will be showcased during the market. A biographic documentary about the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida –“Chillida, the Depth of Air” (1 x 52’)- coproduced along with Marmoka Films and TVE will be pitched, along with two wildlife productions –“Flamingos” (1 x 52’) and “Australia” (1 x 52’)- and a number of archaeology projects set in Latin America.

Carlos Sevillano, head of distribution at Explora Films, declared “Sunny Side is an excellent meeting point among professionals from the documentary genre, not only to present new completed productions, but also to get financing for the new projects we are currently working on. We are confident we will close important agreements which will allow us to maintain our privileged position in the international non-fiction panorama.

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