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As every year does, Explora Films will be attending at the main TV content market around the world: MIPCOM 2013.

MIPCOM will take place in Cannes (France) from October 7th to 10th and, once again, it will bring together leading audiovisual companies and the main broadcasters.

Explora Films presents, at this market’s premiere, two documentaries with the same main character: The island of Cuba. Both of them draw an alternative portrait about the lesser-known Cuba.

“Cuba: Life Shelter” (1 x 52’) introduces us to its geography and its particular geology, that still keeps virgin areas with a high ecological value.  The Cuban Natural Reserves are still much unknown.  The famous “Zapata swamp” one with the biggest reserves of crocodiles in the world or the archipelago known as “Jardines de la Reina”, located in the south coast of the province of Ciego de Avila, a privileged area with rich coral reefs that surround the keys, are both excellent examples of conservation of natural reserves.  From the humid tropical jungles to the mangroves in the coast we will witness unique endogenic species of the Cuban wildlife.

In “Cuba: The Pearl of the Caribbean” (1 x 52’), we will go through three emblematic cities, as Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad and Havana, which represent the South, the Center and the North of the island and we will follow the influence of the colonial History of Cuba.  This Caribbean country hosts more monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other in the region.  We will submerge into this mix of cultures that has originated its people, participating in the Carnival of Santiago or witnessing Santeria rituals in Trinidad to end up in Havana, a symbol that draws together the past and the present of a country that was the door of America during more than 400 years.

During the market, two more titles will be presented. “Last Hunters” (5 x 52’), a series co-produced by Explora and Majade (Germany) which portrays the different traditional hunting methods used by five ethnic groups for their survival, and “Tuaregs: The Warriors of the Dunes” (1 x 52’), a documentary which introduces us to Tuaregs’ way of life: untamed people and impossible to subjugate which follows strict rules, where honour and hospitality are among the main ones.

Furthermore, the company’s new projects will be also showcased during the market. “Chillida: The Depth of Air” (1 x 52’) is a co-production between Explora and Marmoka Films along with TVE which tells the story about the life and work of Eduardo Chillida, through the map of his hands.

The natural history unit is finishing instead its latest production “Australia”, a journey across the home of the world’s most distinctive and diverse natural environments. A unique wildlife, and spectacular landscapes are located within its national parks and World Heritage Areas.

According to Carlos Sevillano, General Manager at Explora Films, “We attend at MIPCOM 2013 with new wildlife, anthropology and history documentaries; genres which has become this Company a reference point to the international marketplace. We are confident about securing our position as the main documentary distribution and production company in Spain, and about forging new commercial partnerships, which allows us to increase both our own distribution catalogue and our incoming projects’ portfolio.

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