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Explora Flms presents new documentaries at MIPTV & MIPDOC

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Just as it does every April, Explora Films will attend MIPTV, the showcase for international audiovisual content, to present its new documentary productions.

India is the new destination covered by Explora on his latest production “The Pilgrims of the Ganges”, a journey through the North of India along the basin of the sacred river for Hindus, the Ganges. From the valleys located on the side of the Himalayas, cradle of Buddhism,, to the saint city of Benares, this documentary offers a fascinating journey through National Parks turned into sanctuaries for wildlife, and cities where Islam and Hinduism live together since centuries ago. We will witness the most crowded religious pilgrimage in the planet and get close to the mystic and enigmatic world of the Sadhus, the sacred men of India. Finally we will reach Benares, the sacred city, where Hindus purify their living souls and find eternal rest after death. This documentary will be a world premiere during MIPDOC screening library, just days before MIPTV.

“The Celtic Legacy” (1 x 52’) will also be presented during the market. In this new History special, we will travel in time to the ancient forests of Galicia, in the North of Spain, to meet a culture that has been related to the Celtics. The influences and links they had with their neighbours in the Northern Atlantic will be analyzed and we will find out if there is a so-called “Celtic link”. It is a journey to the Bronze Age, from the Megalithic Era to Romanization.

After the representation agreement with Takeaway Films, Explora brings to the market the diving series “Seaway” (13 x 25’) that will take us to the most amazing underwater locations in the world, from the Caribbean Sea to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia or Australia.

Finally “The Water Factor” will analyze the two challenges humanity has to challenge during the 21st century: the population explosion and the consequences of unstoppable climate change. The Water Factor offers the viewer a fascinating tour of various communities scattered over five continents, whose lives are marked by the conditions their inhabitants face to gain access to water.

During the showcase, several other new projects from the company will premiere, including the Peruvian history special “The Lady of Cao” (1 x 52’) and the specials “The Spirits of Congo” (1 x 52’) and “3 Rhino Stories”, currently in production.

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