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Explora Films, a point of reference throughout the world for documentaries produced in Spain, will present its latest nature and travel productions at Cannes, April 12-16.

Elephants are the leading players this year, as they take the stage in a new special produced by the Natural History team—“Elephants—the Twilight of the Giants” (1 x 52’). This HD documentary, which was filmed over a two-year period of time in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic, provides a window into the life of these colossal creatures. We are guided by a young mother, a weathered matriarch and an expert mother who leads her son to a bai for the first time ever—a clearing in the jungle where elephants gather. For 52 minutes we are able to observe the social relationships, intelligence, sensitivity and needs of these giants, who are literally being stripped of their living space by our species.

“The Kingdoms of the Himalayas” (1 x 52’) will also premiere. A search for the roots of Buddhism, this journey takes us to the Earth’s most mountainous regions in Nepal, China and India. During the documentary, we will visit Lhasa, the ancient Buddhist capital and former residence of the Dalai Lama; Dharamsala, the new territory of the ancient kingdom of Tibet and finally, Ladakh, a valley in the northernmost region of India, enclave of a fascinating unknown kingdom which is considered by some to be the true Shangri-La.

Another new release which will be unveiled is the documentary series “Journey to Arabia” (4 x 52’). Adventurers Pasquale Scaturro and Michel L’Huillier cross the Arabian Peninsula in its entirety, passing through Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Their journey takes them through the Rub’ al-Khali desert, one of the most inhospitable areas of the planet. This trip reveals the mysteries of the region, home to fascinating civilizations and extreme beauty.

During the showcase, several other new projects from the company will premiere, including the 3D integration series “Rumbo & Chip” (52 x 7’), the Peruvian history series “Unknown Peru: Journey to their millenary cultures” (7 x 52’) and the specials “The Gaelic Legacy” (1 x 52’) and “Rhinoceros”, currently in production.

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