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Explora presents new documentaries at MIPCOM

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Explora Films, a point of reference throughout the world for documentaries produced in Spain, will present its latest productions at Cannes, October 3-6

Rhinoceros will be the protagonists of a new wildlife special directed by Fernando Gonzalez-Sitges. “The curse of the magic horn” (1 x 52’) will show the incredible adaptation abilities of this endangered species. Through three different stories, we will know the variety of these big mammals: the African rhinos, the Indian and the elusive Sumatran rhinos will give us a surprising vision of these powerful and irritable giants which Man has pushed to the edge of extinction. The adventures of our three protagonists will lead us to discover the drastic measures that are being taken in many countries to ensure their survival.

The anthropology filming crew has travelled to the heart of Africa in search of one of the most fascinating people that inhabit the equatorial jungles: the Pygmies. In “The agony of the green God” (1 x 52’) we will know the natives that still live like thousand years ago. They know no other world than jungle. They are one of the long-lived people in the world thanks to the pharmacopeia of the jungle. Today, around 5000 Pigmies see their world is at risk due to the indiscriminate logging that is reducing their habitat and ending with a way of life that seems to be doomed to disappear.

A new world-premiere History one-off directed by Jose Manuel Novoa is to be presented at Cannes: “Millennial Peru: the unknown History” (1 x 52’). 4000 years ago, the settlements in the shoreline and in the Andes in Peru were the cradle of surprising civilizations. In this period, known as Formative, enigmatic temples and sanctuaries were built, where people used to attend in exchange of their farming surplus for knowledge: Chavin, Huantar, Ventarron, Kuntur Wassi, Sechin or Caral were big centres for knowledge. They created wonders that still represent a mystery, as Cumbemayo, the major hydraulic engineer work in the Americas.

During the showcase, several other new projects from the company will be pitched, including the Peruvian history special “The Lady of Cao” (1 x 52’) the wildlife documentary “The Spirits of Congo” (1 x 52’) or “Tuaregs”, currently in production.

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