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Explora Films attends MIPTV 2012

Posted by: In: News 26 Mar 2012 Comentarios: 0

The heart of Africa will be the location of the latest wildlife special directed by Fernando Gonzalez-Sitges, titled “The Spirits of Congo” (1 x 52’). Few places in the world are so little-known as the impenetrable jungles of the Congo. Deep in the jungle, the stories of explorers, journalists, scientists, and missionaries, stories that seem to spring from fevers and the imagination, gradually take shape. The legends come alive when the Baaka Pygmies guide our cameras into the lush vegetation to show us the reality behind the myths. Genocidal kings, living dinosaurs, peaceful giants, demonic killers… the spirits of the jungle are backed by rational explanations with scientific and historical analysis. Although such analysis may reveal that the reality is much more terrible than the fantasy of the legends

“Rhinoceroses, the curse of the magic horn” (1 x 52’) is another new film to be presented by the Spanish company during MIPTV. Through the stories of three rhinos – one White, one Black, and one Indian Rhinoceros – we will gradually discover the diversity within an animal family able to adapt to and colonize the most extreme habitats. The White and Black Rhinoceros of Africa and the Indian, Javan, and Sumatran rhinos of Asia will give us a surprising vision of these powerful and irritable giants which Man has pushed to the edge of extinction. The adventures of our three protagonists will lead us to discover the drastic measures that are being taken in many countries to ensure their survival.

The African jungle is also the setting of the latest film directed by Jose Manuel Novoa. “Pygmies, the agony of the green God” (1 x 52’) is a new Anthropology special where we will meet the Pygmies, the last forest nomads of the continent, whose existence is close to extinction due to the threat of the logging companies and the disappearance of their natural habitat, their only way of survival.

Finally, the market will see the first images of the high-budget production “The Lady of Cao”, a documentary produced by Explora in coproduction with RTVE, Wiese Foundation and the support of Promperu and developed with the Media Programme. Delivery is expected for MIPCOM, next fall.

Carlos Sevillano, Head of Distribution at Explora declared: “We continue bringing new and fresh documentaries to the international market, where we have settled as the reference distributor of quality docs made in Spain. We expect to increase our already extensive network of clients besides our catalogue of completed productions, representing other titles by different companies. Our aim is to offer our clients a bigger variety of contents of the highest quality standards to cater their programming needs”.

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