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Explora Films, a point of reference throughout the world for documentaries produced in Spain, will present its latest History, nature and travel productions at Singapore, during Asia TV Forum (ATF) December 8-12.

ATF will be the world premiere of “The Water Factor” (1 x 52’), a fascinating tour of various communities scattered over five continents, whose lives are marked by the conditions their inhabitants face to gain access to water: From the Gobi Desert to the artificial islands of Lake Titicaca, from the forests of Equatorial Africa to the rice paddies of the Mekong River, from the Orinoco River Basin to the shining cities built in the middle of the desert in the United Arab Emirates.

“La Joya and the warriors in the mist” (1 x 52’), the latest Explora Films production, will be also presented during the market after the excellent welcome received during MIPCOM, last October. This expedition, leaded by the director, Jose Manuel Novoa and a team of archaeologists, speleologists and professional climbers are in search of the rest of the Chachapoyas culture. This civilization continues to be today one of the most enigmatic in whole South America. Located in a remote area of the Peruvian jungle, the filming team will show us the rests of their settlements, the intact funerary chulpas and their mummified bodies.

Rhinoceros are the leading players this year, as they take the stage in a new special produced by the Natural History team—“3 Rhino Stories” (1 x 52’). This HD documentary was filmed over a two-year period of time in Kenya, South Africa, India, Nepal, Java and Borneo and tells the story of a black rhino, chosen to repopulate a territory in Kenya where poachers have swept all of their kind. In India, a baby rhino will discover a restricted world, where huge species as the elephants or dangerous as tigers live. And we will go deep in the jungles of Borneo to track the steps of the scarcer and elusive or the jungle rhinos, a Sumatran rhino, who desperately seeks a mate in a jungle where those animals are becoming a yearning memory.

During the showcase, several other new projects from the company will premiere, including the Peruvian history series “Unknown Peru: Journey to their millenary cultures” (7 x 52’) and the specials “The Gaelic Legacy” (1 x 52’) and “Journey to India”, currently in production.

Explora Films keeps committing to the Asian market, where it currently maintains commercial relationships in countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia, among others.

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