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Just as it does every January, Explora Films will attend NATPE, the showcase for international audiovisual content, to present its new documentary productions.

Explora presents a worldwide premiere at NATPE: “India: Pilgrims of the Ganges” (1 x 52’) a journey through the North of India along the basin of the sacred river for Hindus, the Ganges. From the valleys located on the side of the Himalayas, cradle of Buddhism, to the saint city of Benares, this documentary offers a fascinating journey through National Parks turned into sanctuaries for wildlife, and cities where Islam and Hinduism live together since centuries ago. We will witness the most crowded religious pilgrimage in the planet and get close to the mystic and enigmatic world of the Sadhus, the sacred men of India. Finally we will reach Benares, the sacred city, where Hindus purify their living souls and find eternal rest after death.

“La Joya and the warriors in the mist” (1 x 52’) will also be presented during the market after the warm welcome received during last MIPCOM. This expedition, leaded by the director, Jose Manuel Novoa and a team of archaeologists, speleologists and professional climbers are in search of the rest of the Chachapoyas culture. This civilization continues to be today one of the most enigmatic in whole South America. Located in a remote area of the Peruvian jungle, the filming team will show us the rests of their settlements, the intact funerary chulpas and their mummified bodies.

During the showcase, several other new projects from the company will premiere, including the animation series “Rumbo & Chip” (52 x 7’), the Peruvian history special “The Lady of Cao” (1 x 52’) and the specials “The Gaelic Legacy” (1 x 52’) and “3 Rhino Stories”, currently in production.

Carlos Sevillano, Head of Distribution of the company declared: “Our main target in this market is not only offering our catalogue of completed productions, but to establish strategic partnerships to allow us to keep on producing documentaries in the region to spread the world their rich cultural heritage”