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Explora Films presents new documentary projects and completed productions at “Sunny Side of the Doc”

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As every year, Explora Films attends Sunny Side of the Doc, one of the most important dates for documentary film professionals. During three days, La Rochelle becomes a meeting point for producers, distributors, commissioning editors and buyers from all over the world. New projects and productions are pitched, showing the new trends of the genre.

Explora Films brings this year an exclusive and ambitious documentary project: “The Lady of Cao”. It has been developed thanks to the support of the European MEDIA Programme and it will be coproduced by RTVE (Radio Television Española), the Wiese Foundation and the support of the Peruvian government. The documentary portrays the story of the Mommy of Cao, the first female ruler found in Peru in the times before Columbus. Through re-enactments, 3D images and the participation of experts and researchers, we will unfold who this fascinating character was and how this discovery has changed all previous theories about the civilization she belonged to: the Moches.

Among the new completed Explora productions, the latest film by José Manuel Novoa, “The Celtic Legacy” is to be premiered in La Rochelle. The film was coproduced with TVE and Canal Historia and with the cooperation of “Fundacion Ciudade da Cultura de Galicia” and “Xunta de Galicia”. The documentary will make us travel in time, from the Megalithic Era to the Romanization of the Iberian Peninsula, in the discovery of the singular culture of the “Galician Castros”. Hair-rising landscapes, burial mounds, petroglyphs, fortified settlements, lithic sculptures and exquisite jewels will define an era lost in time. The look of the audience will be lead from the old Galicia to other locations in Europe during those days: Brittany, Ireland, Scotland… where the Celtic culture left deep influences that has survived until nowadays.

Explora is also presenting new completed productions during Sunny Side as “India, the pilgrims of the Ganges” and “The water factor”. The first one will offer a journey around the North of India along the basin of the Ganges, the sacred river for Hindus. We will witness the most crowded pilgrimage in the planet and we will come closer to the mystic and enigmatic world of the Sadhus, the sacred men. Nature, tradition and spirituality will blend in this unique film.

On the other side “The Water Factor” will deal with the ancient relationship between men and one of the elements that has conditioned their existence: the water. We will visit different communities scattered in the five continents, whose lives depend on the access to water. From the Gobi desert to the artificial islands of the Titicaca Lake. From the Equatorial African jungles to the rice paddies in the Mekong delta, from the Orinoco basin to the shining sky-scrappers built in the middle of the desert.

Explora Films will be located at booth B15 during the whole market at Espace Encan.

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