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foto noticia explora en atf 13Explora Films is once again faithfully attending the main TV content market from the Asia-Pacific area: Asia TV Forum (ATF), which is held from 3 to 6 December in Singapore.

Explora Films presents its latest wildlife and anthropological productions, as well as the company’s new projects.

“Cuba: Life Shelter” (1 x 52’) and “Cuba: The Pearl of the Caribbean” (1 x 52’) are two one-off which outline two different profiles about the island. Both documentaries will be showcased for a very first time to the Asiatic audiences.

The first one is a wildlife and nature approach to the astonishing geography and geology of the island. Their less-known natural protected spaces (The Zapata Swamp or Los Jardines de la Reina – The Gardens of the Queen) or their tropical wet forests and coastal mangroves are clear examples of the well-preserved Cuba’s nature and wildlife.

The second one, anthropological-genre, proposes a tour along the three most emblematic cities in the island: Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad and La Havana. It is a journey through its colonial heritage, reflected on its history, its places of interest and, of course, on its culture and people’s crossbreeding.

During ATF, Asiatic audiences will also be able to watch the first pictures from the latest one-off by Explora’s natural history unit: “Australia” (1 x 52’), a journey across the home of the world’s most distinctive and diverse natural environments; an island with unique wildlife, and spectacular landscapes.

And at last but not least, Explora Films presents its project “Chillida: The Depth of Air”. This documentary, co-produced by Explora, Marmoka Films and TVE, will let us learn further about the great Spanish Sculptor Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002), through its powerful influence over writers, mathematicians, poets, dancers, architects or even philosophers from all around.

In the words of Carlos Sevillano, managing director, “Asia is still one of our main markets and its importance increases every year. Thanks to markets like ATF we have achieved a notable and ongoing presence in countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, China or Singapore. Throughout 2012 this market meant over 7% of our total billing, a percentage which certainly will grow after our ATF 2013’s attendance.”

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