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foto noticia explora en NATPE 14As every year does, Explora Films will be introducing its new titles at the main American-oriented TV content market: NATPE 2014, which will be held on January 27-29 in Miami.

NATPE is the most important meeting for TV content sales to Latin America and US Hispanic. Specific content in genres like anthropology, history or wildlife aimed at these audiences will be showcased during this fair.

“Cuba: Life Shelter” (1 x 52’) take us to discover their particular geography and geology which still keeps virgin areas with a high ecological value.

The Cuban Natural Reserves are still much unknown. The famous “Zapata swamp” one with the biggest reserves of crocodiles in the world or the archipelago known as “Jardines de la Reina”, located in the south coast of the province of Ciego de Avila, a privileged area with rich coral reefs that surround the keys, are both excellent examples of conservation of natural reserves. From the humid tropical jungles to the mangroves in the coast we will witness unique endogenic species of the Cuban wildlife.

“Cuba: The Pearl of the Caribbean” (1 x 52’) proposes a journey through three emblematic cities, as Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad and Havana, which represent the South, the Center and the North of the island, we will follow the influence of the colonial History of Cuba. This Caribbean country hosts more monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other in the region. We will submerge into this mix of cultures that has originated its people, participating in the Carnival of Santiago or witnessing Santeria rituals in Trinidad to end up in Havana, a symbol that draws together the past and the present of a country that was the door of America during more than 400 years.

For its part, “Millennial Peru” (1 x 52’) invites us to make a time-travel back to the past to discover the remotest history of this Andinian country. 4000 years ago, the settlements in the shoreline and in the Andes in Peru were the cradle of surprising civilizations. In this period, known as Formative, enigmatic temples and sanctuaries were built. Chavin, Huantar, Ventarron, Kuntur Wassi, Sechin or Caral were big centres for knowledge. They created wonders that still represent a mystery, as Cumbemayo, the major hydraulic engineer work in the Americas.

In addition, the very first images from the Explora Films’ natural history unit latest production will be showcased. “Australia, a Journey through the Evolution” (1 x 52’) led us into a fascinating tour over the Australian fauna. A unique window back to the past which takes us into the early days of our species. A journey through the last mammal’s sanctuary.


In the words of Carlos Sevillano, managing director, “Our main goal for this market is to increase the sales of our catalogue in the TV Channels of the region, as well as to develop new production projects with the collaboration of the US and Latin American main Broadcasters. We truly believe that Explora Films’ new titles presented at NATPE will mean a way in to collaborate in future successful projects for both of us.”

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