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explora-natpe-imgAs every year does, Explora Films will be introducing its new titles at the main American-oriented TV content market: NATPE 2014, which will be held on January 27-29 in Miami.

NATPE is the most important meeting for TV content sales to Latin America and US Hispanic. Specific content in genres like anthropology, history or wildlife aimed at these audiences will be showcased during this fair.

“The lemurs island” (1 x 52’) take us to discover two families of lemurs living in the island of Madagascar

The ringtailed in Berenty and the sifakas in Nosy Mangabe National Park, are going to guide us through their wonderful world of these funny species. Their territory is threatened by deforestation and poaching, and so they have to look for a new home. This tough route will turn them into the leading characters of their own survival story.

These two families of lemurs will show us the most exclusive, extraordinary and endangered flora and fauna in the world. Giant chameleons, tiny reptiles with leaf-tail, brown lemurs living in Tsingy, which means where Man cannot walk barefoot or beautiful birds such as the cinnamon roller, will be the protagonists of this story about an extraordinary island.

 “Between two worlds” (1 x 52’) tells us the story of Gonzalo Guerrero a Spanish soldier that by the whims of destiny became a Mayan leader in the sixteenth century, whose military training restrained the conquest of the Yucatan Peninsula for more than twenty years.

We bring to consideration if he was a traitor or a hero. Chronicles of that period will discover a surprising truth, a love history that would end up uniting two worlds destined to face each other. He becomes the first European to form a family among the Mayan people.

We will undertake a trip to the Mayan and Spanish societies during those exciting and complex times in which hunger, religious beliefs, honor and greed were mixed, writing tragic and heroic pages of History.

Shipwrecks, conquerors, lost cities, pre-Columbian soldiers, millenarian cultures, arts, science and religion melt in this exciting story.

For its part, “Millennial Peru” (1 x 52’) invites us to make a time-travel back to the past to discover the remotest history of this Andinian country. 4000 years ago, the settlements in the shoreline and in the Andes in Peru were the cradle of surprising civilizations. In this period, known as Formative, enigmatic temples and sanctuaries were built. Chavin, Huantar, Ventarron, Kuntur Wassi, Sechin or Caral were big centres for knowledge. They created wonders that still represent a mystery, as Cumbemayo, the major hydraulic engineer work in the Americas.

In addition, the very first images from the Explora Films’ latest production will be showcased. “Houses around the world” (1 x 52’) that will show us how humans have adapted and conquered new territories by building different housing in extreme conditions.

In the words of Carlos Sevillano, managing director, “Our main goal for this market is to increase the sales of our catalogue in the TV Channels of the region, as well as to develop new production projects with the collaboration of the US and Latin American main Broadcasters. We truly believe that Explora Films’ new titles presented at NATPE will mean a way in to collaborate in future successful projects for both of us.”


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