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explora-atf-imgExplora Films, the reference company of documentaries produced in Spain to the world presents its latest history, wildlife and travel programmes in Singapore, Dec. 9th to 12th.

The main title to be presented at ATF is The Lemur’s Island” (1 x 52’), a documentary about two families of these funny animals that will approach us to the fascinating world of Madagascar, a unique island in the world.

“Australia, a journey through evolution” will also be presented to the Asian buyers after the warm welcome the film had during last MIPCOM in Cannes, France.  This film tells how the isolation of the territory known today as Australia from the rest of continents has allowed a singular flora and fauna, one of the most beautiful and peculiar ones of the planet.

The market will also see an advance of the latest film the company is working on, “Dwelings of the world” (1 x 52’), a journey through different shelters and houses in the most diverse ecosystems, a real example of adaptation to the environment by humans.  From the huts in the jungles of Papua to the floating villages in the Titicaca Lake, from the curious constructions in the desert of Nigeria to the floating boats in Indonesia…  All of them are a proof of the battle of humans against the elements.

Carlos Sevillano, Head of Distribution at Explora declared: “We continue our bet in the far Asian markets, where we currently keep business going with countries as diverse as Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand Singapore or Brunei, among others.  Last year, the Asian market reached more than 15% of global sales for the company and we hope to increase our presence and business in the territory with more deals with the most populated region of the planet”.

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