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Sunny Side 2014 flyerAs it does every year, Explora Films will be present at the latest edition of “Sunny Side of the Doc” in La Rochelle (France) on June, 23-26 to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

“Sunny Side of the Doc” is one of the biggest event of the year in documentary and factual sector. This edition is expected to bring together more than 2,000 participants from more than 60 countries.

Explora will attend the market this year with a selected project for the pitching session, which will be held on Thursday, 24. The chosen project is “Chillida, the Depth of Air”.

“Chillida, the Depth of Air”. (1 x 52’) is a co-production between Explora Films, Marmoka Films and TVE, developed with the support of the MEDIA programme and the Basque Government, and with the collaboration of Edurdo Chillida-Pilar Belzunce Foundation and the Zabalaga-Leku. “Chillida, the Depth of Air” brings to us the impressive life and work of the Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida.


In other news, Explora Films will showcase some recent productions, highlighting two of them:

“Madagascar, the Lemur Island” (1 x 52’) is the main new title of the company’s natural history unit and it introduces us to Madagascar’s astonishing fauna. A ring-tailed lemur, a group of sifakas, giant chameleons and prehistoric birds the size of an ox will be some of the protagonists of this story.

Moreover, “Australia: A Journey through Evolution”  (1 x 52’) will be shown  for the first time at this event after having received good reviews at its previous festival appareances. This film focuses on the extraordinary process of evolution that  Australian-native creatures have gone through. 35 million years ago as this land split from the rest of the world, their fauna started to evolve independently and separately.


Explora Films will also present the docu-drama “Between two Worlds: The Story of Gonzalo Guerrero” produced by Minotauro and Teveunam and directed by Fernando González Sitges. This film tells us the amazing story of Gonzalo Guerrero, a Spanish soldier who transformed from being a Mayan slave into one of the Mayan warrior chiefs who fought against the Spaniards in Yucatán.


In regards to developing projects, other than the Chillida project, Explora will attend this event with new titles:


In “Sulawesi, from Sea Gypsies to Mountain Men” (1 x 52’) we will go to Sulawesi, one of the four Greater Sunda Islands, in Indonesia. We will discover two unique and lesser-kown tribes: the “Bajau” or Sea Gypsies and the “Toraja” or Mountain Men.


And last but not least, “Flamingos” (1 x 52’) is the upcoming wildlife project of Explora Films. Every year, a flock of flamingos stop in the south of Spain on their annual migration from Africa to the north of Europe. The audicence will be able to follow this delicate species on their migration, one of the most visually astonishing ones that can be seen in Europe every year.

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