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congonews“Spirits of the Congo”, directed by Fernando González Sitges, is the award winner for Best Ecosystem/Habitat Category, for a ceremony that will take place in New York, from October 15th to 20th.

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festivals are a number of film festival events held in various American cities in order to raise consciousness about the importance of preserving wildlife and nature ecosystems.

At its most prestigious meeting, in New York, “Spirits of the Congo” will be awarded for the Best Habitat /Ecosystem category and will be screened on October 17th.

“Spirits of the Congo” (1 x 52’) approach us to a fascinating research. Deep in the jungle, the stories of explorers, journalists, scientists, and missionaries, stories that seem to spring from fevers and the imagination, gradually take shape. The legends come alive when the Baaka Pygmies guide our cameras into the lush vegetation to show us the reality behind the myths. Genocidal kings, living dinosaurs, peaceful giants, demonic killers… the spirits of the jungle are backed by rational explanations with scientific and historical analysis. Although such analysis may reveal that the reality is much more terrible than the fantasy of the legends.

This is the latest collaboration between Fernando González Sitges and Explora Films, a documentary that is nominated for the Ménigoute Film Festival main Award, in France.

Another Explora Films production will be recognized at this festival, since “Rhinoceroses, the Curse of the Magic Horn” (1 x 52’) will receive an Honorable Mention for Best Education Category.

With this awards, Explora Films is the first Spanish company recognized at any WCFF.


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