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The Lord of Sipan


This documentary deals with the Moche culture, which developed on the northern coast of Peru, between 100 BC and 600 AC. It is a fairly unknown culture that disappeared after reaching its peak. A Great Lord who governed and was buried with great honors, so that his message would endure in time, and a man, an archaeologist named Walter Alva, who rescued him from his tomb to fulfill his plan of the past. Today, everyone has heard of the Moches, thanks to the discoveries made during the last two decades. The finds continue, however, and the splendor of this unique civilization still surprises the world.

Developed with the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Community


  • International Festival of Archaeological Films Nyon 2009 (Best Archaeology Film)
  • The Archaeology Channel International Film & Video Festival 2012 (Winner in Audience Favourite Competition)
  • International Archaological Film Festival of Bidasoa 2009 (Audience Award)
  • Films & Heritage International Film Festival Murcia 2009 (Final Selection)
  • Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico Rovereto 2011 (Official Selection)

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