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Explora Films receives Best Documentary Award by AGON Archaeological Film Festival in Greece.

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“La Joya and the warriors in the mist”, a documentary directed by Jose Manuel Novoa about the Chachapoya culture in Peru, has just been awarded as the Best Archaeological Documentary by AGON Film Festival, a prize shared with the French production “Gergovia” by David Geoffroy.

This film festival, run from the 8th to the 13th of May in Athens, Greece, put together a selection of more than 50 titles from diverse nationalities such as the U.S.A, Italy, France, Germany, Greece or Australia. Explora’s production was the only Spanish film selected together with Jorge Rivero’s “La Presa” during this 9th edition of the festival.

“La Joya” is a coproduction between Explora Films, RTVE and Chellomulticanal for Odisea. This film researches the Chachapoya culture, one of the latest civilizations that lived in the North of Peru before the Incas, more than 3,000 high

Jose Manuel Novoa, who has directed more than 150 films, has become one of the most awarded and recognised filmmakers in the genre. At present time, he is concluding his latest film “The Lady of Cao”, currently in postproduction, which delivery is expected by the end of June, this year.

Novoa expressed his gratitude while he remembered the shooting of this film as one of the most complicated ones in his career. He highlighted “how tough it was to film and carry all the filming equipment from cliffs to cliffs higher than 3,000 meters high”. On the other side, he asseverates this was one of the most rewarding experiences in his career as filmmaker, while discovering a totally unexplored and unknown territory.

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